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This Friday the 13th (August, 2004) was unlike any other I had encountered.. While driving home, I spotted a strange vehicle in the parking lot of our local Albertsons. This vehicle somehow makes a song repeat in my head over and over. I go home to get the kids. Christy wasn't excited and thought she'd rather have a shower. Well, if that's how she was going to be, we didn't want her either :) This is what we saw...

What could be cooler than seeing the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile? I guess the original TV show Batmobile would rank up there. I'd have a picture of that, but somehow Christy forgot to bring the camera. She brings the camera everywhere else, but seems to forget it when there's going to be a Batmobile around. Women just don't understand.

Oh, and did we tell you the time we saw a bear up at our cabin in Brianhead?

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